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Schedules are now published and final. 

To view play schedules click the links below.

Girls:         Boys:

U10G White Schedule 
U10B Schedule        
U10G Maroon Schedule           
U12G Schedule   U12B Schedule
U14G Schedule                  
U18G Schedule   U15B Schedule

Practice Schedule Spring 2021
U10 Boys - Mon/Wed 3:30-5:00pm, Teton Middle School, Driggs
U12 Boys - Mon/Wed 5:30-7:30pm, Settlement Field, Victor
U15 Boys - Mon/Wed/Fri 5:00-7:00 RUES, Driggs
U10 Girls - Tues/Thurs 3:20-5:30pm RUES, Driggs
U12 Girls - Tues/Thurs 3:20-5:30pm RUES, Driggs
U14 Girls - Tues/Weds/Thurs 5:00-7:00pm RUES, Driggs
U18 Girls - Mon/Wed 7:00-8:30pm RUES, Driggs